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Teacher Work Sample Methodology/Guidelines
1. Contextual Information and Learning Environment Adaptations – Key Assessment (2 pages)
Discuss relevant factors and how they may affect the teaching-learning process. Include any supports and challenges that affect instruction and student learning.
A.) What were some important characteristics of your students and your classroom (i.e., number of students in school and in the classroom, student academic performance/ability, developmental characteristics, geographic location, community and school population, ESL students, and students with special needs.
B.) Identify any features of your classroom that may have an impact on student learning.
Describe classroom arrangement or include a classroom map (diagram) with a legend. Describe policies for classroom management such as daily schedules, rules and routines, conflict resolution, and grouping patterns. Include other information you believe is pertinent to your understanding of the students and the teaching setting.
C). Describe student diversity characteristics. What are the socio-economic, cultural, and individual characteristics of your students? Identify the way in which these characteristics influence your choices about content, instructional, and assessment strategies.


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