New Hospitality Development, Cardiff bay.


Your company’s client, Douglas Developments Ltd, is a property development company who is interested in purchasing a site in Cardiff bay. The site is currently used as a carpark. The company would like to keep the carpark and integrate it into the design of the new development, whilst creating a new independent hotel and restaurant.
Your company, Creative Contractors Ltd, have been contracted to design & build the new facilities. However the site, being located within the busy district of Cardiff bay it can be difficult to access with very limited space and environmental constraints. Using the location plans and images, you are to produce a report on the main considerations for the following aspects of this project:
1) Site setup/design proposal: describe the major hazards and concerns throughout the different phases of this project and evaluate options for site set up; environmental and logistical management. (1200 words)
2) Produce a gantt chart to outline and provide an estimated timeframe for design stage. Considering effective site management techniques including Health and Safety, cost control, planning and programming techniques. (nominal 300 words).


You may augment your work with drawings; examples of best practice in industry and photographs and any relevant project specific material to assist in answering the tasks.


All written work must be properly referenced using the Havard method of referencing.


Whilst the internet gives a vast array of information, it is expected that relevant textbooks and
current Legislation will be used and not total reliance on Internet sources.


Demonstrate knowledge of the legislative constraints placed on site activities and measures taken to comply with them.
Evaluate the methods of effective site management techniques including cost control, planning and programming techniques;
Justify their own recommendations for viable solutions to problematic site conditions and constraints and support their case with reference to industry publications on best practice.
Select and evaluate measures to enhance the quality of construction output and efficiency in the project processes


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