Mini Project on Technological Advancement

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Purpose: Technology is evolving each day. What was once state-of-the-art is soon obsolete. As you read about in Clive Thompson’s article on the Walkman and saw in the notes on banking, it is important to track the evolutionary progress of a certain technology to better understand what has happened (technologically, socially, and culturally) as well as to understand how these technologies may continue to evolve.



Assignment: For this project, you will choose one piece of technology (the phone, cars, personal computers, etc.—feel free to think as far outside the box as you’d like). Then, you will research and learn about how this technology has evolved over time. Make sure that you are clearly choosing and clarifying a starting point to your chosen technology and then tracking the technological evolution from that point. You should use 2 outside sources for your project. (Make sure to cite these sources in proper APA formatting in your project.)



This assignment should be part history lesson for your reader/viewer and part response from you. For the history portion, tell us what the technology is, how it has evolved, and how it has impacted society, as well as why this evolution has occurred (if applicable). For the response portion, consider answering: What is your opinion of these changes? Where do you think the next evolutionary step will be for this technology?


Option 2 Essay: Reflect on the prompt above by writing a 400- to 600-word response. Be sure to carefully edit your work for grammar and spelling. You must organize this in APA format.


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