Making the Case for a Training Program


After watch the video “Making the Case for a Training Program” on the previous page, please discuss the following questions:


What steps should Sarah take to meet the expectations of Secretary Briggs and Deputy Secretary Rubin?
What sorts of training activities as described in the text best fit the model the Secretary laid out to produce the agile employee?
What strategy should Sarah use: try to train the maximum number of employees or target key groups?
For background, go to the web site of your own state’s DOT and bring this in to your analysis; for example, consider the structure of the organization, the types of jobs, the geographic dispersion of employees, and so on.


Each original response to the questions for the week must be at least 250 words long and specifically reference concepts and content found in the coursework for the week and provide citations in support


Also do not use outside sources. For this assignment, use ALL the assigned texts to better answer the questions


Below I listed the links, transcripts, and readings that need to be used.


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