Discussion Chapter on A Qualitative Study to Investigate the Effectiveness of Interventions Addressing Child Maltreatment within Institutional Settings Such as Orphanages in Low and Middle-Income


I would like from you, to conclude the discussion chapter based on the file attached. The file already has the literature review, methodology and result chapters. Your work must consider all materials provided on the file attached in order to build up a concrete discussion chapter.


Some instructions to consider when writing the discussion chapter as below
• Summary: A brief recap of your key results
• Interpretations: What do your results mean?
• Implications: Why do your results matter?
• Limitations: What can’t your results tell us?
• Recommendations: Avenues for further studies or analyses


And avoid below
• Don’t introduce new results: You should only discuss the data that already have been reported in the results section.
• Don’t make inflated claims: Avoid over interpretation and speculation that isn’t directly supported by produced data.
• Don’t undermine your research: The discussion of limitations should aim to strengthen the credibility, not emphasis weaknesses or failures.




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