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Hello, this is a big assessment which seems complex, but I hope my explanation makes sense. If at any time you have a question or require further information, please let me know :).


All of the information you need will be attached, but to summarise you need to create 3 posters as well as include 3 draft versions and with each poster (the three main ones) you need to describe the technical, creative and theoretical process that you engaged in while creating the image. The word limit In total is 1000 words. At the end of this you need to include a reference list (we use APA – I will attach a guide).


The posters will be based around my major, which is social and political science, and the specific topic will be ‘….’..


I will attach the official assessment notification/marking criteria along with a template for you to use as a guide for this assessment. I will also attach a guide to using APA referencing along with information I have/resources for the specific topic as mentioned above. There is also a part where you have to choose an organisation to represent based on my major. I will attach the organisations list the tutor provided.


The assessment notification talks about a peer review (the 3×150 word comments) – ignore this as I will complete it myself. The assessment also talks about uploading the work on WordPress – again I will do this. You can complete the assessment on pages or anyway you see fit.


Again, the template I will attach is the layout you should use.


Hope this making sense.


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