Developing social policy

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Individual analytical essay policy analysis:
Select a single policy topic from the list provided.


  1. Income security, either


  1. Parenting payment


  1. Income management: cashless debit card/ basics card


  1. NDIS


  1. Homelessness policy (state e.g. WA, NSW, Vic)


  1. Family Violence policy (state e.g. WA, NSW, Vic)


Clearly choose a key policy, using the concepts and literature provided in this unit, and through your own independent research, undertake an analysis of the selected policy. Your analysis will:


  • Provide a brief history of this policy in Australia, key moments of change in either the problem and/or the policy and key social and political drivers of that change.


  • Describe and discuss the ideological influences apparent in the policy as it stands today (use the Fenna reading from assessment 1). Justify your selection.


  • Provide an example of a similar response to this issue in another jurisdiction e.g. UK, USA


  • Evaluate the extent to which this policy contributes to a more “socially just” Australia – this may require a definition of Social Justice found in the key readings.


The essay will follow formal essay structure including an introduction, a body with your main points, and a conclusion that summarises your points and reiterates your position on the question of social justice.


The literature will include at a minimum the required reading for this unit, a primary source policy document, relevant textbook chapters on this policy topic and, 3 peer reviewed journal articles to add depth to your analysis. You cannot use sentences or quotes directly from web pages. Publications can be sourced from government web pages or non-government peak organisation web pages which will need to be fully referenced.


The essay will follow APA7 academic formatting and referencing. Please see the SAP203 Unit Outline for the Marking Criteria




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