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Assessment Task Details and Instructions: Assignment Question: To what extent does this extract demonstrate the formal characteristics, and thematic concerns, of literary modernism?·

Select 1 passage of prose (fiction or non-fiction), between 50 and 90 lines inlength, which you believe is representative of modernist practice. This should either be something we have studied on the course or approved by your seminar tutor.· These lines must be consecutive i.e. you must not pick random lines throughout, the extract, they must follow each other sequentially.·

Whilst the main emphasis should be on detailed textual analysis, we do expect you to show good knowledge and understanding of critical debates and contextual-issues relating to modernism that have been addressed on the module thus far.· and the extract of fiction novel one of themanifesto extracts from the Modernism Using some critical work would be to your advantage, approximately 4-6 scholarly academic sources. You should consult work on both your individual author and also literary modernism, so you can develop your argument.· Module Aims Knowledge and Understanding: On successful completion of the module students will be able to:

1 – Demonstrate a knowledge of modernism 1900-1940 in Britain and Ireland, especially inrelation to representations of a) the city b) sexual relations and identity in the period.

2- Demonstrate an understanding of the ways in which these representations have been constructed and developed in response to changing social, political and cultural concerns.

3- Demonstrate an awareness of and an ability to use cultural and literary debates totheorise textual analysis.

4- Demonstrate a knowledge of how literary form and technique is related to the key thematic issues Transferable/ Key Skills and other attributes: On completion of this module students will have had the opportunity to:

1- Develop and refine critical skills of textual analysis;

2- Employ and assess a range of critical positions which may be relevant to a discussion of these texts;

3- Synthesise information and to construct effectively an argument in writing;

4- Utilise information technology to present written information clearly and professionally;

5- Apply faculties of critical reasoning in answering questions raised by the module

-6- Construct a bibliography and reference a range of information sources in anappropriate and correct manner.

word count/ duration (if applicable)2000 words:Your assessment should be 2000 words. This includes your references but not your workscited/bibliography. Essays over 10% or under 10% of the target word count will be penalised.( The Requested Novel is Mrs. Dalloway, the Author Woolf, Virginia. Close reading essay 2000words, ( reflecting in 2 different themes please, Modernism, the City and Gender & Modernism The Post trauma disorder on the Male after the War )



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