Case Study: Changing Times at Belgrade Theatre -HR data analytics

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  1. Read the Case Study: Changing Times at Belgrade Theatre carefully.
    2. Ask any questions of your tutor in good time before the assignment submission date.
    3. Produce a formal consultant (to the Management Board..) business report that addresses the 3 Tasks set out
    Task 1: Produce a specification for ensuring employee turnover data is comprehensively captured with the aim of
    calculating the cost to the Theatre.
    [note: set this out as a template that could be captured in Excel].
    Task 2: Illustrate how you will ensure your employee data base is GDPR compliant giving specific applied examples.
    [note: answer must not simply list the requirements of GDPR in isolation from the Case Study…].
    Task 3: What qualitative analytics system would you put in place to enable content analysis of future Annual
    Reports to be undertaken? How would you benchmark the future quality of Belgrade Theatre’s Annual
    [note: you may draw on NVivo or AWS for content analysis].


Please do not provide executive summary


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