Appraising the Evidence Writing Assignment


Individual appraisal paper. Review each of the five articles again. Use the list of questions provided to guide your critical appraisal of the quality and consistency of research related to your group’s PICO question. Using APA 7th edition format, write a brief critique of each article using no more than 500 words per article. The first paragraph should provide a brief description of what is known on your topic and a problem statement that clarifies what the practice problem is and why it is important. The second paragraph introduction should provide the PICO question, how the research questions were identified, and include the database and search terms, and inclusion and exclusion criteria.

A summary should accompany each article that addresses:

• What is the study design and what is the Johns Hopkins EBP Level and Quality of evidence.
• An assessment of the article’s reliability and validity of study instruments, potential sources of bias in the study design (validity), and generalizability or applicability to the population where you might apply this work. Include definitions of all research terminology and demonstrate understanding of these terms by linking them directly to examples from your research articles.

A summary conclusion should accompany your critique that addresses: 1) What is the overall strength and consistency of the five articles, 2) what are your best evidence recommendations (taking into consideration quantity, consistency, and strength of the evidence 3) whose feedback or thoughts would you want to include in developing an action plan or next steps. This represents a synthesis of the five articles. Submit this assignment for grading using the writing tips and rubric (critique form) to guide you.

Submit the assignment with PDFs of all the articles.
Sample- Will attach it


Submit the assignment in a Word document. Maximum length is 10 pages double-spaced Arial format 11-point font or 12.5 pages not including the title page or references.


Please see my attached paper named “October 18 Accessing the Evidence.” It has Five Articles.


See Rubric attached with the instruction
Assignment #3 Appraising the Evidence Writing Assignment:


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